"Burracak, you can't scare me"/ Progni publishes the tracking video: You can't shut me up, I will tear off the mask of AKSHI

2023-09-19 13:34:00, Aktualitet CNA

"Burracak, you can't scare me"/ Progni publishes the tracking

"My family is in danger."

This is the phrase of IT expert Gent Progni in a post on social networks.

Progni says that he found a tracker in the car used by him and his wife.

According to him, the tracker has been installed in his car for a week and managed to detect all movements.

The IT expert connects this event with the denunciations he has made for a long time about the abuses of ANSH.

"I doubt only the people I have denounced", he writes on social networks.

Progni is determined and says that such a thing does not frighten him at all, but he will continue to denounce any kind of abuse that takes place in this institution.

"Yes! My family is in danger!

In the only car in my family's (wife's) name, in the car that my cousin drives, an airtag was found installed for at least 1 week, which I discovered yesterday! Placed under the license plate of the car, it has been tracking all movements for a week! Everything is related only to my initiative to remove AKSHIT's mask, I suspect only the people I have denounced! I made the denunciation according to the law and I'm waiting for the authorities to do the job, thank you for the quick response and I'm waiting for the results! Anyone who has dared to get so close doesn't scare me at all! You won't be able to get me out of Albania, nor will you shut my mouth! My ball gun has me from behind!!! See you soon guys!!!", writes Gent Progni on social networks./ CNA

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