"I wanted to unmask Gjicin"/ Alma Kaçi talks about the video scandal, a message for justice institutions

2023-09-19 16:04:00, Aktualitet CNA
"I wanted to unmask Gjicin"/ Alma Kaçi talks about the video
Alma Kaçi

Alma Kaçi spoke this Tuesday about the video scandal with Safet Gjici, the former mayor of Kukës, where they were seen performing a sexual act and then discussed a tender for street dogs.

Kaçi said her goal was to unmask Gjici, who was an incumbent abusing the state office.

"Normally, the motivation was to unmask an incumbent, that citizens are waiting at the door to cry about their plight and he abuses the state office", she said in a TV interview.

Alma Kaçi stated that the project for street dogs was simply a fable, as she claims that it does not exist.

"The presentation of the project and the project itself was just a fable", she emphasized, while also making a call to the justice institutions.

"I only appeal to justice, that at least my child's right is being deprived. At least give him the right to live. And living does not mean that you only have to breathe. To live with all the perspectives as a child lives", underlined Alma Kaçi./ CNA

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