The biggest fraud in football / Who is the "Emperor" of Brazil

2023-09-18 18:22:00, Blog CNA

The biggest fraud in football / Who is the "Emperor" of Brazil

Carlos Henrike Raposo, known in the football world as "The Emperor" due to his resemblance to the famous German footballer Franc Beckenbauer, had a 13-year career as a professional footballer without playing a single match.

Throughout his career that began in 1979, he managed to deceive teams such as Botafogo, Flamengo, Bangu, Fluminense, Vasco da Gama, America, Puebla, El Paso and Azhaso. "The clubs have deceived the players many times.

Someone had to take revenge for all of them" - Carlos would later justify himself. His longest football adventure was his signing with the Mexican club Puebla. To achieve his goal, Raposo pretended to be injured and missed many training sessions. He always signed
short contracts and in the first weeks he performed well in physical preparations. At the moment when the season would start and they would engage him in a match, "Kajzeri pretended to feel discomfort and was injured. At that time technology was not like today and it was more
difficult to detect such scams. "The players knew about it, but they were all my friends," he says. 

Meanwhile, he paid sports journalists under his hand to publish
sensational news about the interest of famous clubs in him or even to offer concrete proposals.

Even in a case when he was about to go on the field, the Brazilian "Emperor" fought with the fans and was expelled a few minutes before going on the field.

"I also lied to the team doctors. In one case the team I played for really wanted me to play. But I had a friend who was a dentist. The president of the club met me and said: How is it possible, you never play! And I answered: "I am sick, here is the medical report from the dentist" - he says.

Carlos Raposo ended his "career" in 1992 with the Guaran club, where, as usual, he did not play any matches. In 2015, he signed a deal with a British company, which turned the famous story of the biggest cheat in the history of football into a movie. Raposo has meanwhile been successful with women. He says he became addicted to sex and has dated over 1,000 women./ Adapted from CNA

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