The West is falling prey to blackmail/ This is how agreements and funds from abroad are strengthening Iran

2023-09-19 19:09:00, Blog CNA

The West is falling prey to blackmail/ This is how agreements and funds from

There is nothing more futile than tears, and nothing else gives more pleasure and a sense of power to those who caused them. Last weekend, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, precisely on the anniversary of the murder of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini by the "morality police", had the opportunity to plan how to use the 6 billion dollars, which he has given the United States in exchange for citizens her abducted.

This payment is claimed by Washington not to constitute a breach of the sanctions regime. But the fact is that the effect of giving this reward is much wider than the humanitarian reasons. He goes to strengthen the regime. "This is the worst deal ever made. Now the Iranians will kidnap other American citizens again to get more money and with them to finance terrorism" - declared the former head of the CIA and the former Secretary of State during the Trump presidency, Mike Pompeo.

The regime in Iran currently feels strong: from the ideology, the political structure, the contempt for women, as well as the reassertion of its role in the world. He killed the young Mahsa Amini, and he is so sure of himself that a few days ago the father of the late Amjad Amini was brazenly arrested by the very police who killed his daughter.

Be it the Basij militia, the Pasdaran or the Revolutionary Guards, they all shoot and beat ordinary people. They are part of the leadership pyramid in the name of God. And they have returned stronger than before as "guardians of morality". The current regime loves them.

Therefore, if the international community does not decide on a concrete policy that restrains Iran from using violence, threats and terror, they will continue to strike everywhere. Ali Khamenei knows very well that he will not be harmed by the slogans, marches and anger expressed in the streets by human rights defenders.

The Iranian regime is a cunning system based on fear and blackmail. Iran is at the top of all international terrorism lists. His Revolutionary Guard is tasked with "an ideological mission of Jihad or the extension of God's sovereignty and law throughout the world."

The USA and recently Great Britain are outlawing this organization, and this example should be followed around the world. Iran is openly threatening to kill foreign nationals, Jews, personalities like Mike Pompeo and John Bolton. Tehran also threatens to destroy the state of Israel, supports Hezbollah with
billions of dollars in funding so that its missiles can hit the entire East

Medium. It also finances Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Houthi rebels in Yemen, and controls pirates operating in the Persian Gulf. Meanwhile, it continues to build ballistic weapons and is enriching uranium to the limits of building an atomic bomb. So far the enrichment is at the level of 80 percent, but very soon there will be no limit. Tehran, on the other hand, openly defies the IAEA, the UN nuclear energy agency, and last weekend expelled 1/3 of its inspectors, a move
that the agency's director general Rafael Mariano Grosi labeled as "disproportionate ".

Moreover, it continues to supply Vladimir Putin with "Shaheed" military drones for his war in Ukraine. Meanwhile, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has already been accepted as an observer at the recent BRICS summit in South Africa with the help of the Russians and Chinese.

Iran is already part of the SCO, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization. Russia and China are the main sponsors of the SCO and its operations span Asia, Latin America and Africa. But in the face of this situation, American President Joe Biden is being very cautious. He doesn't want too much trouble with Iran until the 2024 presidential election.

In this way, the necessary "wall" of sanctions has been broken. Six American hostages will be released for a whopping $6.5 billion. This deal far exceeds the $1.6 billion that Obama once paid for the release of 4 Americans.

This money in the pockets of the regime that persecutes its citizens and wreaks war on half the world should raise up all the movements and organizations that want to protect women, the Iranian dissidents, to oppose such an approach. Human rights are a function of
power, so the fight to protect women goes from deciding how to oppose the Iranian regime. By Fiamma Nirenstein "Il Giornale" / Adapted from CNA

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