The perfect weekend destination / "Montrelux Resort", where the traditional meets the modern

2023-08-12 21:04:00, Qyteti im CNA

The perfect weekend destination / "Montrelux Resort", where the

Montrelux Resort is the perfect destination for a weekend in Korça, as well as for parties. Located a few kilometers away from the city, on Morava Mountain, where tranquility, fresh air and greenery prevail, this resort offers the right hospitality to customers. A hundred-year-old building that was decided to turn into a resort, remains to this day, the most luxurious facility in the Southeast.

The facilities inside and outside the resort are curated down to the last detail, with fantastic, modern furnishings, so much so that it cannot be said in words, but can be seen in the images that CNA brings to viewers.

In an interview with the head of the hall, Aurela Dervishi, she told us what Montrelux Resort offers.

On the other hand, it is the receptionist Klajvert Feçanji ??who explained the interior of Montrelux to us, showing the special features of each hotel room.

At Montrelux Resort, in addition to a comfortable sleep, there is also the opportunity to have fun, both for children and adults. The game room, as well as the winter pool, occupy the main place in the requests of the customers.

The food, the traditional dishes and the fantastic environment of the restaurant, make lunch and dinner to be enjoyed to the fullest, without forgetting the nights with live music.

According to Aurela, there are many visitors, especially foreigners who have become permanent customers.

CNA brought this tourist destination to the viewers, emphasizing the fact that Korcca is at the top of the list for tourists, in every season of the year./ CNA

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