"Guest House 1960"/ Inn in Lin, which makes you feel at home

2023-08-09 19:30:00, Qyteti im CNA

"Guest House 1960"/ Inn in Lin, which makes you feel at home

The tourist village of Lin in the municipality of Pogradec is another destination that can be found in the southeast. A village steeped in history and tradition, offering a wonderful view of the lake, as well as old stone buildings and cobbled streets, make it even more popular with visitors. CNA brings you one of the hostels where you can spend a few days of vacation, making sure that you will be very satisfied.

"House 1960" has turned into a guesthouse for visitors, an idea of ??the Sulollari family themselves, who dreamed of having their own family business. It seems that they have succeeded the best with this hostel.

Merita Sulollari is the lady of the house, the one who, together with her husband, takes care to create all the conditions for a most comfortable stay for the customers. The hostel was called House 1960 because the building belongs to this year of creation. Meanwhile, for Merita, it is a great pleasure that this hostel was built.

Merita shows us the furnishings, the various objects that we see hanging on the walls of the inn, or even the special rooms that the whole family took care of down to the last detail to make it as attractive as possible. Not forgetting the fantastic landscape that can be seen from the balcony.

Food occupies the main place for customers, who are inclined towards traditional cooking. House 1960 offers breakfast included in the price, but it is there for customers even if they want to have lunch, which must be ordered in advance so that Merita takes all measures to make it as delicious as possible. But what are the dishes that customers prefer?

Merita and her husband Emërimi are over 50, and they only encounter "difficulties" with foreigners, but they have found the solution to get along with them. Laughing, Merita says that google translate has saved her to talk with the foreigners who are numerous as visitors.

And we have nothing left but to offer you this destination so that you feel at home, and spend days of rest and relaxation with your family and friends./ CNA

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