Korça serenades/ The young people who keep the tradition alive

2023-07-31 22:17:00, Qyteti im CNA

Korça serenades/ The young people who keep the tradition alive

Korça is known not only for its culture and tradition, but also for the beautiful serenades that make the city so popular. Korça serenades sung years ago are still being kept alive by young people. Saimir Poda and Daniel Shaholli are two young people from Korça, who have music as an inseparable part of themselves, and for this reason, we find them every night at Saiko Bar in the old bazaar of Korça.

The passion for the guitar and music for both young people began in childhood, although with different professions, they still do not give up singing.

Saimir Poda shows his beginnings in music, where years ago together with his friends, they started listening to different music bands with tapes from 1997-1998.

Even Daniel Shaholli started his career in music by organizing karaoke, although he is a nurse by profession, today he is part of the group created together with Saimir.

Playing music is not so simple, say the young people, since every singer, whether professional or amateur, has a responsibility to the public, without forgetting the pleasure that the latter gives him.

The group of Kor?a boys, together with two very talented girls, have brought something new to Kor?a, not only singing serenades but all the musical currents that suit the bar where they perform every weekend.

CNA is letting you enjoy some moments of the band's performance at Saiko Bar./ CNA.al

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